Mac 上给网卡添加多个ip地址

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7月 072017


关键是: alias


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outlook for mac

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11月 242015

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MAC 上的iptable

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10月 142015


The ipfw command is deprecated in OS X Mountain Lion and later, but it has not been removed from Mavericks. If you run man ipfw, a message will appear saying: This utility is DEPRECATED. Please use pfctl(8)instead. While you may want to do port forwarding with pfctl to future proof your solution, these instructions showing how to use ipfw to do port forwarding will still work on OS X Mavericks.


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OmniGraffle 学习

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6月 122015


OmniGraffle 之于MAC,如同visio之于Windows。


OmniGraffle 下的素材似乎不多,素材在OmniGraffle中叫stencil(型板);下面是一些下载素材的地方:   (收费的)

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